What does our partnership mean for Ontario?

Proven Experience and Partnership

Fujitsu and Follett have worked together for over seven years, delivering Aspen as the MyEducationBC platform, the provincial SIS in BC and as the MySchoolSask platform in Saskatchewan. Our new OECM contract commits our team to Ontario for the next 15 years.

Strength and Stability

Two large, financially stable organizations are working together to provide you with a new full-service SIS solution in Ontario. Follett has provided education solutions for over 145 years, growing to $5 billion in annual revenue. Fujitsu has been in business 85 years (45 years in Canada) and is one of the world’s largest IT services companies with $50 billion in annual revenue.

Canadian Business Focus

Aspen is a state-of-the-art student information platform developed and maintained by Follett, delivered as a Software-as-a-Service in Canada by Fujitsu.

Ability to Scale

Aspen scales from the smallest of school boards to the very largest SIS implementations everywhere in North America.

Local Support

Sales and delivery service are provided from offices in both Toronto and Ottawa.

How does the partnership work?

OECM led an open and competitive procurement and negotiation process. As the custodian of the master agreement (MA), OECM is responsible for overall contract management. Fujitsu is the prime supplier for the Client-Supplier Agreement (CSA) signed with the district school board and has full accountability for implementation and ongoing services. Follett is a subcontractor to Fujitsu, the Aspen platform owner, and is accountable for the Aspen SIS Ontario Baseline Configuration (OBC).

The OECM Preferred Vendor

The Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace (OECM) is the nonprofit sourcing partner for Ontario's educators. Through its rigorous process of selection, Fujitsu, in partnership with Follett, has been named as the Preferred Vendor for the SIS and Related Services initiative.

District School Boards


  • Oversaw procurement and negotiation process
  • Custodian of the Master Agreement
  • Ongoing oversight


  • Prime Contractor for CSA contract
  • DSB direct contact
  • Fully accountable for:
    • Implementation
    • Ongoing Services


  • Subcontractor to Fujitsu
  • Aspen platform owner
  • Accountable for Aspen SIS OBC