Aspen Ontario Baseline Configuration [OBC]

The Aspen OBC is the core solution provided to every Ontario client that consists of the following:

  • Core functional elements of Aspen as defined in the OECM Master Agreement (MA)/Client-Supplier Agreement (CSA)
  • User interface available in English and French, according to user preference
  • Provincial compliance maintained throughout the term of the OECM contract
  • Configuration designed to meet Ontario requirements
  • Product maintenance, support and all software updates included in subscription price

Additional Product Modules

Clients have the option of purchasing the following additional modules:

  • Online student registration
  • Fees and accounting
  • Data analytics
  • Case management
  • Special Education (IEP)

Aspen OBC Core Functionality

Aspen OBC is a comprehensive platform with 12+ core functional areas.

Grade Management

Health Management

Behaviour Management

State of the Art Scheduling

Robust Reporting

Detailed Workflows & Compliance

Predictive Alerts


Detailed Attendance Tracking

Extensible Data Dictionary

Student and Parent Portal

Professional Development


Aspen Ontario Baseline Implementation Services

The Aspen Ontario Baseline Implementation Services package is designed to support each District School Board through migration, from requirements to post go-live. With a fixed price per student, this package includes:

  • State of Readiness Assessment
  • District Implementation Plan
  • System implementation
  • Data conversion and migration
  • Training and change management support
  • Hypercare support for three months post go-live

Delivery Options

Aspen can be delivered as a SaaS or on-premise. Fujitsu has detailed these solutions.

  • SaaS-hosted on Microsoft Azure Canada (recommended solution)
  • On-premise in the client’s data centre or preferred hosting provider

Additional Services

Clients have the option of purchasing services such as:

  • Legacy data remediation activities
  • Customization for each District School Board (can be added during implementation)
  • Outsourced services, such as service desk and SIS operations support

Application Managed Services

Application Managed Services are available as an option that can include:

  • Management of the on-premise SIS installation
  • Management of optional SIS modules
  • Management of legacy systems before, during or after implementation